Friday, March 27, 2009

Nadja - Numbness

Best of/Compilation

1) Veil of Disillusion
originally released on Shadows Infinitum compilation (Crucial Bliss 2004)
2) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
originally released on The Holiday Masterpieces compilation (Blod
Records 2004)
3) Long Dark Twenties (slightly extended 7″ version)
originally released on 7″ (Anthem Records 2008)
4) Alien In My Own Skin
5) Time Is Our Disease
originally released on Infernal Procession… 3-way split with Atavist
and Satori (Cold Spring Records 2008)
6) Numb
originally released on Base Fluid ‘net release (Foreshadow Productions 2007)

1. Veil of Disillusion 08:05

2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 08:21
3. Long Dark Twenties 08:12
4. Alien in My Own Skin 11:45
5. Time is Our Disease 13:26
6. Numb 21:02

Total playing time 01:10:51

Country :

Genre : Ambient Drone Doom



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul

LP · Hydra Head
Picture LP · Trust No One
Japanese papersleeve CD · Daymare
Digipak CD with bonus Capture & Release live DVD · Hydra Head

1. Wings From Spine 06:48
2. Clean My Heart 11:10
3. In That Corner 09:19
4. Every God Damn Thing 32:52

Total playing time 01:00:09

Country : United States Of America

Genre : Extreme Drone/Doom Metal



Der Weg einer Freiheit - Der Weg einer Freiheit

Limited to 200 handnumbered copies

1. Ewigkeit 07:08
2. Spätsommer 02:56
3. Frei 06:00
4. Aurora 04:51
5. Zum Abschied 04:57
6. Welk 07:13
7. Neubeginn 10:08

Total playing time 43:13

Country : Germany

Genre : Black Metal
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Mournful Congregation - The June Frost

"The June Frost" will be released once again through Weird Truth Productions
(Japan) and will be licensed through Enucleation Records for North America and
Obsidian Records for Australia/NZ.

1.Solemn Strikes the Funeral Chime03:52
2.White Cold Wrath Burnt Frozen Blood17:02
3.Descent of the Flames09:01
4.The June Frost04:24
5.A Slow March to the Burial06:49
6.The Februar Winds02:53
7.Suicide Choir12:49
8.The Wreath03:16
Total playing time01:00:06

Country : Australia

Genre : Funeral Doom




Japanese CD minigatefold to appear in February on Daymare with a bonus disc of
the demos we created for this album, in Paris 080.

Vinyl to emerge on Inoxia as a double 12" + 7" cut at 45rpm.

3.Wicked Way04:12
5.Eternal Winter05:24
6.Natural Trouble09:24
Total playing time59:36

Country : United States Of America

Genre : Drone, Ambient



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ea - Ea II

Nuevo trabajo de la misteriosa banda Ea, continua para aspirar al oyente en un ambiente único, creando sobre la base de la música épica de Funeral Doom en un estilo de forma de la desesperación con notables influencias clásicas. Partes acústicas melodicas solo ambiente y con el aumento de piezas de sonidos de un órgano están siendo utilizados de nuevo.

Total playing time47:27

Country : United States Of America?

Genre : Funeral Doom



My Dying Bride - For Lies I Sire

There's also a special UK "guitar edition pack" featuring an extended 24 page
booklet, a 12 page guitar booklet and a customised plectrum.

1. My Body, A Funeral 07:15
2. Fall With Me 06:47
3. The Lies I Sire 05:29
4. Bring Me Victory 04:08
5. Echoes from a Hollow Soul 07:19
6. ShadowHaunt 04:37
7. Santuario di Sangue 08:27
8. A Chapter in Loathing 04:46
9. Death Triumphant 11:06
Total playing time 59:54

Country : United Kingdom

Genre : Death Doom